Life Crypto is just getting started.

Life Crypto launched on Sep 7th, 2021. 11 weeks later, we are just getting started. During this time we have had a very successful Uniswap launch. LIFE has also been listed on 10 exchanges. …

$LIFE #LifeCrypto is about to relaunch.

What a journey. Life is never a direct path, and neither has this been.

The response from our entire LIFE community has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Private sale tokens will be sent back to the wallets that sent funds during the Private funding…

It’s almost time.

The LIFE community is about to witness a glorious rebirth of unprecedented scope.

Yet, it is truly a step-by-step process.

The relaunch is planned for August 31st/September 1st.

This timeframe is important as we have developments to roll out. Exchanges that we have talked with are aware…

LIFE token V.2 continues on the road to re-launch. One of the biggest things in attempting this endeavor is how to make LIFE V.2 successful.

The crypto markets while constantly evolving have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

The e-mails from previous wallet holders have been many.


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