$LIFE #LifeCrypto is about to relaunch.

What a journey. Life is never a direct path, and neither has this been.

The response from our entire LIFE community has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Private sale tokens will be sent back to the wallets that sent funds during the Private funding round. If you sent from an exchange and notified a team member, we have this. We also performed a check by our data analytics team.


Tokens will be sent out in a bulk send transaction shortly after listing on Uniswap, to ensure nobody can provide liquidity on Uniswap before the team and manipulate original list price.

Listing price upon launch is .000000400 ETH.

We will be announcing our 1st exchange fairly soon after listing.

4 CEXs in September.

Seed sale token percentages to be sent out 30 days after launch.

The app is due to be released by the end of September.

It is expected to be released on time, before 9/30.

Previous holders who have sent in e-mails - those all have been received. We have sent automated responses back to confirm. For those that have contacted us either saying they did not receive an automated e-mail response and/or just wanted to be sure, in each & every case when we checked those were received. Sep 30th is the final day to submit requests. A comprehensive Q&A for previous holders can be found in our official Telegram channel (link posted at the bottom of this article.)

Our smart contract address can now be found at the bottom of our website www.lifecrypto.life

We welcome everyone on this journey as this new team relaunches. We have heard the following over & over in TG & on Twitter:

“This team is extremely transparent & responsive.”

We will by no means do everything perfectly; but the community can continue to count on both of these actions.

Communication & trust BUILD community.

We are under no illusion otherwise.


TG https://t.me/LIFE10101

Twitter @LIFElabsHQ