LIFE token V.2 continues on the road to re-launch. One of the biggest things in attempting this endeavor is how to make LIFE V.2 successful.

The crypto markets while constantly evolving have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

The e-mails from previous wallet holders have been many.

The comments of overall support have spoken volumes.

Questions arise though about how to re-launch LIFE and have a value proposition that increases over time while generating sustainable revenue.

We would like to ask the community to e-mail their suggestions for what they would like to see in LIFE V.2 to

The new team has been working on some fantastic and innovative ideas.

But it is essential the community have a voice in the overall direction.

We can let the following be known: 3 exchanges have been contacted.

A top 25, top 15 & top 10. All 3 are being kept apprised of the re-launching of LIFE token. All 3 are excited and supportive of the community support. And what we have been able to share with them about the project so far.

LIFE has been on none of these exchanges before and all 3 have real & solid volume. The re-launch will initially be on Uniswap. However all 3 will be rolled out in short order (i.e — 1st 30–45 days).

There will be a seed round for NEW investors. This is NOT required whatsoever for previous token holders. The new investors need to be made fully aware of all aspects of the re-launch.

Compensating almost 5,000 previous holders is something very unique and will be part of crypto history.

One of the biggest questions are how will I know if my request for new tokens was received? The EXACT distribution method will be clarified in the 7/20/21 update. However, so far we have received thousands of e-mails.

There is a fine line between making LIFE a great project that brings NEW value yet is STRONG enough to bring sustainable value to previous holders.

Ultimately, the goal is to make LIFE token a transactional token that has several real world use cases.

One other item: their will be a staking component of the all NEW LIFE app never done before. And the working app will be released upon re-launch.




Next update will be on Tuesday July 20th. But we would urge & welcome once again YOUR suggestions of what you would like to see. Please send your suggestions to:

Website: (

Community TG: